Point of Sale (POS)

Retail Mate are expert in providing customised POS Solutions for businesses, and our team are specialising in Retail, Hospitality and Salon. Our POS software solutions increase the operational effectiveness of businesses, reduce human error, save time, and automate repetitive tasks and help grow your business without any hassles.


Working closely with you to determine your specific requirements, user preferences and potential challenges, Retailmate will pair your business with personalised hardware solutions.


Retail Mate has experienced technical support team on-hand to handle all of your inquiries. We are able to fix the majority of issues through remote access, which means minimum down time for your business. Where onsite or spare parts are required, we endeavour to get to you as quickly as possible.


Our technical team has installations expertise and able handle all tasks with ease. From the installation to the 'go live' day, our goal is to get your business operating as quickly as possible. We can assist in a very quick turnaround from removal of old and install of new Technology or EPOS to your business.

Project Management

Changing or installing new Technology or EPOS system can be stressful. Whatever your sector and company Technology or EPOS requirements, our project management team takes the stress out of system transfers and installation by keeping in constant contact with you throughout the process and liaising with all related third parties. We also consult extensively with you before any installation to ensure that we install the right products for your business needs.

Digital Solutions

Retail Mate specialises in helping our clients to get online with digital presence or eCommerce system. We have extensive experience and a strong history as integration experts. Our team is skilled in web development and eCommerce platforms with backend systems integrate seamlessly with payment gateways. What makes us unique is our ability to create tailored solutions that match your specific business requirements.

User Training

A product is only as good as one’s ability to use it. We will fully train your staff on the products you select so that you can enjoy all of their functionality. As part of our training services, we also provide training throughout the year to attend on our site or onsite training at your location.